Top 7 Best Minecraft Mods

Top 7 Best Minecraft Mods will amaze you. 

Alex Mobs: 

It adds many new characters that are entirely unique and have attractive traits.

Tetra Mob:

This helps you to add new unique weapons to the game which were not present in the original game.

Create Mob:

As the name suggests, it lets you create almost anything in the game, like the fully functional windmill.

Quark Mob:

It will allow you to open the double door and help you do farming more efficiently; you will love it.

Iris Mod:

It helps you to use sodium and shaders at the same time and customize the shaders as well.

Teralith Mob:

This helps you to generate the world like a mountain, water, cave, etc. it also helps you to glorify these elements.

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