Price Of Fridge Double Door in India August 2022

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Today in this article, we will tell you about the Price Of Fridge Double Door of the best brands and the top 5 best double door refrigerators.

Price Of Fridge Double Door (August 2022)

Well, the price of fridge double door in India starts from Rs20,000 and goes to Rs35,000 depending upon the types of features of the refrigerators that different types of brands like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Godrej, Haier, Panasonic, etc. offer to their consumer. You can check the latest price from our Price Of Fridge Double Door list-

RankPrice Of Fridge Double Door listTodays PRICE

LG 260L 3 Star Double Door Fridge


Samsung 253L 3 Star Double Door Fridge


Whirlpool 265L 3 Star Double Door Fridge


Haier 256L 3 Star Double Door Fridge


Godrej 236L 2 Star Double Door Fridge


Samsung 244 L 2 Star Double Door Fridge


Samsung 345L 3 Star Double Door Fridge


We love to store our favorite foods to savor them later. Preserving our foods for consuming them later is a common habit. 

Double door refrigerators divide the fridge into two parts, the upper part is for the freezer, and the lower part is for storing foods and drinks. 

The price of fridge double door depends upon the brand and its enabled features. 

So, without further ado, let’s start with a detailed review of our best double door fridge price in India with characteristics and guidelines. 

1. LG 260L 3 Star Smart Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZX, Shiny Steel, Door Cooling+)

LG 260L 3 Star Smart Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

price of fridge double door

  • 5/5 Average User Rating

The brand LG provides electronic products of the best quality. They manufacture refrigerators, television, washing machines, etc. It is a well-trusted brand in the market. 

According to the features and quality, the price of fridge double door from LG is quite reasonable.

Let’s see some of the features of this refrigerator: 

  • Door Cooling+: This feature ensures proper airflow to the front area near the door for better cooling
  • Multi-air flow cooling: There are numerous vents provided for better distribution and circulation of air inside the fridge 
  • Jet Ice: With this ice can be made in less than 90 minutes 
  • Auto smart connects: Whenever there is a power cut, the refrigerator automatically connects with the home inverter. 
  • Double twist ice tray: Can get excess ice with this if needed 
  • Trimless tempered glass shelves: These glass shelves can carry heavy loads, so now you get more storage facilities. 


  • Stabilizer free 
  • Storage up to 2L bottles 
  • Smart diagnosis
  • Smart inverter compressor 


  • It can be a little noisy at times 

For the price of fridge double door, you can check the latest sale price.

Our next best double door fridge along with the price of fridge double door is-

2. Samsung 253 L 3 Star with Inverter Double Door Refrigerator (RT28A3453S8/HL, Elegant Inox)

Samsung 253 L 3 Star with Inverter Double Door Refrigerator

 price of fridge double door

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating

Samsung is a multinational company very famous and trusted company for electronics. 

It manufactures refrigerators, television, smartphones, washing machines, etc. 

The same goes for this Samsung double door fridge that has some extra features and has got the best rating from the customers.

Let’s know some of the features of this Samsung refrigerator: 

  • Cool Pack: The cool pack keeps the food in a good condition for up to 12 hours during power cuts 
  • Power cool: For quick cooling of drinks and foods, just press this button as it blows intense cold air 
  • Deodorizer: This deodorizer filter prevents bad smell and keeps your food smelling fresh and lasting 
  • Door alarm: This alarm sound alerts if the fridge door is not properly closed or kept opened for more than two minutes
  • Toughened glass shelves: The shelves are strong and can carry weight up to 175 kg 
  • All-round cooling: There are many vents inside the fridge that blow cold air to maintain the temperature 


  • Stabilizer free 
  • Movable ice maker 
  • It runs on solar energy and a home inverter 
  • Digital display
  • Digital inverter technology


  • The recessed handles can sometimes cause difficulty while opening the fridge 

Now for the price of fridge double door, you can check the latest sale price.

Our next best double door fridge along with the price of fridge double door is

3. Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator with Intellisense inverter technology(INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S, German Steel, Convertible)

Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

 price of fridge double door

  • 4.4/5 Average User Rating

Whirlpool manufactures a variety of electronic products, including washing machines and refrigerators. This company provides good quality products to its customers. 

Whirlpool’s price of fridge double door is quite reasonable in comparison to the number of features the company has provided in the fridge.

Some of the features of this Whirlpool refrigerator: 

  • Auto-connect inverter: It automatically connects with the home inverter when the power goes off 
  • Zeolite technology: It prevents the food from ripening excessively. It keeps the food fresh for a longer duration. 
  • Micro block technology: It is an anti-microblock feature that prevents bacterial growth to a great extent. 
  • Fresh flow air tower with Flexi vents: These provide airflow to every corner inside the refrigerator that helps in lasting freshness 
  • Freshonizer: This lessens the oxidation inside the refrigerator to maintain the overall


  • Intellisense inverter technology
  • The convertible freezer of 5 in-1 mode 
  •  Adaptive intelligence technology 
  • Stabilizer free 
  • Honeycomb moisture lock crisper cover 


  • Issues related to customer service

For the price of fridge double door, you can check the latest sale price.

Our next best double door fridge along with the price of fridge double door is

4. Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HEB-25TDS-E, Dazzle Steel, Convertible)

Haier 256 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

 price of fridge double door

  • 4.3/5 Average User Rating

Haier is a multinational company that manufactures electronic products, including air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, etc. It is a brand that provides quality products to its customers.

From the price point of view, Haier’s price of fridge double door is not very high. 

Let’s know some of the features of this Haier refrigerator: 

  • 8 in-1 convertible: You can use this feature as per your needs. Use the convertible option to store your foods.
  • 2X bigger vegetable box: The fridge has a big box for vegetables to store your foods along with the multi-air flow for lasting freshness 
  • Toughened glass shelves: The shelves are solid to carry heavy loads 
  • Twin energy-saving mode: To save energy, it provides options of convertible mode and standard saving mode 
  • PUF insulation: The double door has thick PUF insulation for retaining low temperatures to provide efficient cooling 


  • Twin inverter technology
  • Aesthetic bottom-mounted double door design 
  • Twist ice maker 
  • Semi electronic control


  • No light in the freezer compartment
  • Less space between trays 

For the price of fridge double door, you can check the latest sale price.

Our final next best double door fridge along with the price of fridge double door is

5. Godrej 236 L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator with Jumbo Vegetable Tray (RF EON 236B 25 HI RY DR)

Godrej 236 L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

 price of fridge double door

  • 4.3/5 Average User Rating

Godrej is a trusted brand and is preferred by many. It manufactures electronic products, including televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. 

The price of a Godrej double door refrigerator is also quite similar to the other brands and the price of fridge double door of Godrej is very affordable.

Let’s know some of the features of this Godrej refrigerator: 

  • Jumbo vegetable tray: Store all of your everyday vegetables in this jumbo veggie tray that has enough space 
  • Toughened glass shelves: Can carry heavy loads up to 150 kg 
  • LED lighting: Have bright led lights in the compartments for better illumination
  • Large tray chiller: The tray can hold five bottles of 1 liter each. 


  • Anti-bacterial removal gasket 
  • Advanced inverter technology
  • Large vegetable tray 
  • Cheaper than other double door fridge brands 


  • Only suitable for small families 

For the price of fridge double door, you can check the latest sale price.

Well, this was our final double door fridge along with the price of fridge double door.

Buying guide for double door refrigerators/fridges in India

Suppose you are looking for the best quality refrigerator but are confused about the features. In that case, this buying guide will help you know all the necessary details before visiting the store to purchase. Listed are the essential things to keep in mind while choosing a fridge. 

Types: There are various types of refrigerators available in the market. The types of refrigerators are single, double, multi-door, and side-by-side. The decision of the class depends on your choice and your budget. However, the price of fridge double door is relatively moderate among all the other types. Not significantly less, not very high. 

Direct or frost-free: Direct cooling refrigerators are usually cheaper in single doors than frost-free refrigerators. There is no cold air circulation inside the fridge; hence ice builds up in the freezer compartment. However, they consume less energy. On the other hand, frost-free refrigerators cost higher and consume more power. They maintain the temperature inside the fridge, hence preventing ice build-up. 

Capacity: The fridge’s capacity is essential as you need to store food items and drinks inside it. The suitable capacity should be determined by the number of members in the family and their requirements. The more power, the higher the price and the more space it takes inside the house.

BEE star rating: Refrigerators run continuously and consume energy. Choosing a refrigerator that consumes less power will help you reduce electricity bills. You can know which refrigerator is more energy efficient by checking the BEE star rating. The fridge with more stars on the label, the more energy-efficient it is. For example, A double door fridge price of 5 stars will be high and more energy-efficient than the others with fewer stars.

Deodorizer and pockets: There are a few food items that have a strong smell. This smell can affect the inside of the refrigerator. For this purpose, refrigerators have a deodorizer feature enabled. It prevents these strong odors by absorbing them and maintains the fresh aroma of the foods. The place where bottles are stored is called pockets. Always ensure that the pockets are big and strong enough to carry the heavy bottles. 

Design: The design of the refrigerator is also a necessary factor. Having a fridge with a subtle and elegant design will give your home interior a classy look. Nowadays, refrigerators come in various colors with embedded designs on the doors. Make sure to choose the best colored and designed refrigerator that will suit your home.

Advantages of refrigerators

Refrigerators are handy home appliances; they help store food items, which is beneficial in many ways and is a daily use appliance. Let’s see some of the advantages of the refrigerators: 

  • Storing and preserving food: A refrigerator’s most crucial characteristic is preserving the food items. They help in storing the leftover foods to use later. It keeps both cooked as well as raw things. It protects the foods and prevents them from getting spoiled. 
  • Cost-effective: Refrigerators are cost-effective products. They are one-time purchase items. The refrigerator is a long-lasting electronic home appliance that is very useful and prevents food items from getting wasted.
  • Provides cooling: Fridges provide cooling, which is essential for keeping the food items fresh. They also refrigerate your drinks and water. You can also make ice with the refrigerators. 
  • Variation: Refrigerators are available in wide varieties. They have variations in sizes, designs, shapes, price, storage, features, doors, etc. You can choose any type of refrigerator from all the available options. 

Best double door fridge brands in India

Every brand manufactures double door fridges. Most people find double-door refrigerators convenient, and the division of compartments helps keep the particular items separately. Even the price of fridge double door is very reasonable. 

The best double door fridge brands that provide good quality within a suitable range are LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, Godrej, Panasonic, and Bosch.

You can choose among any of these brands for purchasing a double door refrigerator. All these brands are popular and well trusted.

Double door vs. Single door

If you are willing to purchase a new refrigerator, you should consider a few factors before visiting the store. Understanding the difference between a double door and a single door refrigerator will help you choose the type of fridge to buy. 

Let’s see some of the differences between the double door and single-door fridges: 

  • Cooling technology

Single door refrigerators have a direct cooling feature, and it results in ice build-up inside the freezer and needs defrosting every few weeks. On the other hand, double-door fridges have frost-free technology with vents, which maintains the cold temperature accordingly and helps preserve the food for extended periods. 

  • Capacity

The single-door refrigerators have less storage capacity than the double-door refrigerators. Single door fridges are suitable for small families with 2 to 3 members whereas double door fridges are best for medium-sized families with 4 to 5 members. Choose the type of fridge according to the strength of your family.

  • Energy-efficient 

Energy-efficient means the refrigerator which consumes less energy. Both types of fridges consume energy; however, single-door fridges consume less energy than double door fridges. Nowadays, you can check the BEE star rating to know the energy efficiency of a refrigerator. 

  • Size 

The double-door refrigerators are more significant than the single door, and they take up more space than single doors. The freezer size of a single-door fridge is smaller than the a double-door fridge, and the shelves of single-door fridges are also comparatively smaller than the of double-door fridges. Overall the double door refrigerators are more spacious and large in comparison. 

  • Cost and features

The cost of double-door refrigerators is more than that of single-door refrigerators, and the high price is due to the additional features and functions. The double door fridges have many new features for the customers’ comfort, whereas the single door refrigerators lack new parts and are very simple. 

  • Cleaning and convertibility

The single-door fridges are needed to be cleaned manually, and these fridges have ice build-up due to the natural cooling feature. At the same time, the double door fridges have an auto-clean part and don’t require to be cleaned manually. 

Single door fridges are non-convertible. In comparison, the double-door fridges come with a convertible feature. 

There are many differences between a single and double door fridge. 

Both are good in their respective places. However, choose a double door refrigerator if you want additional new features. 

The price of fridge double door is relatively moderate. If you don’t have a budget for a double door fridge and want a simple fridge, then choose a single door. 

It depends on your preference when choosing between both. 

Points to be remembered while choosing a double door fridge in India

If you want to buy a double door fridge for your home, you need to focus on a few points.

There are some things to ensure while choosing a double door refrigerator. 

You can check the price of fridge double door online as well as ask at the store. 

Listed are the points to remember while choosing a double door fridge. 

  • Check the space of your home. Double door refrigerators are large as compared to single doors. First, make space for the double-door fridge in your house. 
  • Look for an elegant and modern double door fridge that can enhance the look of your home. It is essential to look for a color that will combine with the walls of your home.
  • Check the capacity of the double door fridge. The storage capacity is an essential factor. Always ensure to buy a refrigerator with more storage capacity so you can store many items.
  • Check the space between the shelves. However, the frames of double-door fridges are spacious. Ensure that there is enough space to fit the items comfortably. 
  • Always check the star rating of the refrigerators that denotes the energy efficiency of the fridges. Fridge with a higher star rating is more energy efficient. Energy Efficiency is essential to ensure; otherwise, it will consume more energy, hence more electricity bills. 
  • Choose a good brand while buying a fridge. The brand matters because it gives quality. A good quality refrigerator will last longer and work efficiently. Check the best brand for refrigerators and visit their store. Electronic items should always be purchased from well-trusted brands.
  • If you have a medium-sized family, go for a double door fridge. Double door refrigerators are best for a family of 4 to 5 members. Check your budget before making a decision. Although the price of fridge double door is not very costly. They come at a reasonable price with new features enabled. 

How to select a best double door fridge in India

Selecting a double door fridge is not difficult; you can simply start observing and analyzing the essential factors to choose the best fridge for your home. Wishing the best quality refrigerator is very common; however, you must review a few elements while selecting. 

Search on Google for the best recent brand for a double door fridge. There are various models under each brand with different prices and features. Choose a model according to your budget. Make sure to check all the available features of that refrigerator. You must also check the customer reviews of that particular refrigerator to understand better. 

The features are an essential factor. Choose a refrigerator with top new features to enjoy the benefits. Choose a fridge with features like auto smart connect, convertible, more storage capacity, all-round cooling, sliding shelves, digital display, energy-efficient, etc. 

Look for a good brand and choose an affordable refrigerator for your home. 

Scrutinize the essential details such as price of fridge double door, and purchase a good quality fridge for your home. 

You can also watch out this video for better clarity on the topic-

Now let us look over some frequently asked questions that may be arising in your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions On Double Door Refrigerators Price in India

Which is the best refrigerator double door?

We have already mentioned the top 5 best refrigerator double doors so that you can go with any one of the following: Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Haier, or the Godrej best double door refrigerator.

How many Litres of fridge do I need?

So for a single person or a bachelor, a fridge with a capacity of 50 liters to 80 liters is sufficient, whereas, for a family of two to three people, 150 liters to 250 liters is significant. If you have a large family of four to five-member or even more than 250 liters to 330 liters fridge will be the ideal one for your family.

Which fridge company is best in India?

The best fridge companies in India are Samsung, Lg, Whirlpool, Haier, and Godrej; you can choose the best machine from these brands according to your needs.

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Conclusion of the price of fridge double door

Having a fridge in your home is a necessity. 

A refrigerator provides many benefits and makes things easier. 

Nowadays, you can find a fridge in every household. 

With the evolution, the double door fridges are the recent trend.

There are many additional features enabled in a double door fridge. 

Double door fridges are convenient and come under a reasonable price range. 

The price of fridge double door is relatively moderate. 

You can purchase a double door fridge for your home to keep your foods fresh for a more extended period. 

With the spacious shelves and more storage capacity, it also gives an inverter technology feature. Even the freezer compartments are very big to hold various items.

We hope this article about the best double door fridge will help you in making a buying decision. 

As you know all about the double door fridges, rush to the stores and grab the best refrigerator suitable for your home. 

Before that, review the primary factors mentioned in the article to make the right choice of choosing the Best Double Door Refrigerator. 

I hope you liked this article and it will also help us spread the word about it.

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price of fridge double door

So this was all in today’s article on price of fridge double door.

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