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How To Keep Yourself Motivated: When Nothing Goes Right You got To Know This

How to keep yourself motivated: when nothing goes right is a common question that every hustler in his journey will have.

We all want to grow and see the best version of ourselves for our future.

As we grow, our desires also keep growing, and different people have different kinds of desires since the needs of everyone are completely different.

Desire wishing to be the best version of yourself is nothing wrong as it sometimes motivates us to do the hard work or the work that we don’t like and ultimately helps us push out of our comfort zones.

A Comfort zone is the worst thing for a human being because it is such a zone which is quite addictive and will always draw you back and ultimately will never let you take any action for the betterment of your future.

It is such a zone that seems somewhat comfortable, offering you some comfort, but you can see that your future is entirely going in the dark because of inaction.

Sometimes in some people’s case, fear also contributes to buiding this comfort zone and preventing you from getting up and taking action.

Now somehow, we get out of it and start to get on track and take a few steps to reach our destination, so is that enough to achieve our goals?

Well, it is not quite enough that actions with the right mindset are also required to keep going.

Now when you are on your journey, sometimes you may see things going the right way as per your plan in this situation; we all reach the seventh cloud and start boosting as well.

But in some cases, when we did the right planning, took on the right actions and patiently waited a lot of time for the results that we expected to be in our favour, the reverse happened.

All the efforts went in vain; in that case, your enter motivation fades away, and you start doubting yourself and questioning your abilities.

Now in this type of situation, what steps can help us get our lost confidence back?

This article is all on the topic of How to keep yourself motivated when nothing goes right.

How To Keep Yourself Motivated: When Nothing Goes Right

#1 Get a break: 

This may sound weird to some of you as you may be stuck in some problems, and here it says to take a break.

Yes, sometimes all it is needed is a break or suddenly stopping.

When we keep on solving some really tough problems, and if sometimes nothing is working out and giving the best results, our brain gets completely blanked and then comes the wave of negative thoughts.

Many people have found that taking a mild break and then getting detached from the problem first relaxes us a lot, and then the best thing it offers is to look at things from a completely different angle.

It can help us find loopholes or even help us examine things by detaching ourselves from the problem and looking at it from a completely different perspective. 

Overall detaching from the problem and taking a short break can make a difference and help us regain our lost motivation to bounce back.

#2 Read books or listen to motivational speeches or music: 

Yes, it is quite a common point on how to keep yourself motivated, but it really helps.

Reading a good book related to your domain can enlighten your vision and show you a different path you might not have thought of; books are our best friends, so it is better to take their help.

The same goes with motivational music and speeches; for some of us, this can be a temporary solution to the problem, but it really can make a difference; for example, there have been a lot of successful people in every field who have admitted that they all had a certain type of music that motivated them to push hard and listening to it daily in loops made a difference in their life. 

Also, speeches can be quite helpful as sometimes all we need is that perfect line which can give us an entirely new perspective and make us think big; hence you should try all these.

#3 Talk about it to people or friends

Yes, sometimes we need a company of different types of people either related to our field or not.

Well, for it, you need to be open and narrate your problem to them and then ask them the nearest possible solution they know about.

It’s that simple; this can be easy with your friends, but for people whom we are not that open can be challenging; believe me, this will help you out.

Sometimes people will understand the exact problem you are facing and can give the exact solution to it, but those who are unable to understand can also help by suggesting ideas that might help you.

A tip over here can be to talk to people who are larger than your age as they have more experience and might have faced the problems that you are currently facing.

Well overall, having new ideas will ultimately boost your confidence and will help you to boost your motivation as well. 

So this was the final point of how to keep yourself motivated when nothing goes right.

We hope that this article on the topic of how to keep yourself motivated might be helpful to you.

If it helped you, please help us to spread the word about it.

You can comment on your views and share your experience in the comment section.

Till then, be strong and have a nice day.


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