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How To Choose A Fridge In 2022?

So you were planning to buy a Fridge and worried about How To Choose A Fridge?

Finally, you have landed at the right place wherein this article we tell you how to choose a fridge and will also give you an easy point buying guide for refrigerator.

Now refrigerators have become common, and those days are gone when only a privileged section of society can only afford them.

Their price is also quite affordable and comes in different varieties to fit the needs of everyone.

Also, by seeing the advantages of the refrigerator more and more, people want to buy it.

When so many options are available in the market, one can easily get baffled on how to select the best refrigerator for their needs.

To solve this problem, here comes our buying guide on how to choose a fridge.

How To Choose A Fridge In 2022?

Consider Your Budget-

It is a basic but the most crucial point that you must always consider before buying up a one.

You can get a single-door refrigerator with a budget of RS 10,000 to RS 20,000.

Whereas a double door refrigerator may cost you around Rs 15,000 to RS 40,000 and a side by side door refrigerator will always be above the budget of RS 55,000.

So now it is upto you which one would be the best for your according to your budget.

Evaluate The Ideal Size For You-

Before buying a fridge, you must always know whether it will fit in your kitchen or not, especially in today’s modular kitchen.

Also, if you have a large family of more than six people, then a big fridge or a side-by-side door fridge will be the ideal one for you and whereas for a bachelor or student, even a mini-fridge can be perfect.

So, according to your family size, you must select your refrigerator.

You can also take help of these points-

  • If you are a single person, then a 50-80 liter fridge will be ideal.
  • If you have a family of 3 people, then a 150-250 liter fridge will be ideal.
  • For a family of 5 people, 250- 330 liter will be the ideal one.
  • For a family of 6 people or more, 350 liters or more will be perfect. 


Consider the shelves seriously, as ultimately, they will only carry the heavyweight of the items kept in the fridge.

Earlier fridges used to come with metal shelves which were quite good for the airflow.
Nowadays, toughened glass is used in each type of refrigerator.

They also give a decent look to your refrigerator and enable you to keep even small objects, which was not possible on the old metal shelves.

Moreover, it would be best if you always opted for a fridge with an adjustable shelve so that you can adjust it according to your needs.

BEE Star Rating

A Refrigerator is one such thing in our homes that is usually always switched on and working.

We rarely turned it off from the day we bought it from the market itself.

Thats why we need to get a refrigerator with the highest bee rating or the star rating.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency gives these ratings by making the product go through many tests which prooves its energy efficiency.

This can help us by saving a lot on our monthly electricity.

So always try to bring a refrigerator with more than a 4-star rating to help you save in the long run.

Inverter Fridges.

The non-inverter fridges usually consume more electricity than the inverter ones as the compressor has to run in a full-on or full-off state.

Also, the temperature inside the fridge changes constantly, and the compressor has to get on very often; this leads to more power consumption.

Whereas in the inverter refrigerators, the compressor changes its speeds depending on the temperature conditions, and hence the refrigerator maintains a constant temperature which results in less energy consumption.

The inverter refrigerators also tend to make less noise than the non-inverter ones, which can be the best if you are a peace lover.

Good Design.

The refrigerators are the most significant appliances of every household that are more readily visible to guests.

So what can be better than a decently cool, looking refrigerator?

You can select a refrigerator that suits the wall color of your kitchen.

Also, the digital display refrigerators can be the best to excellent touch a sophisticated look.

You must also see the door handle of the refrigerator. Whether it matches the modern refrigerators, the handle is embedded in the door itself, which looks more stylish.

Extra Pockets & Deodorizer

They are usually given in the modern refrigerator and are storage shelves that you can find on the fridge’s door.

It is mostly used to store bottles and packaged food items, so it doesn’t consume extra space in your house.

An adjustable pocket would be better, which you can slide to open and use.

Also, some essential odor food items like onions, garlic, or any other foodstuff can cause the smell to spread to the entire refrigerator.

This could be tackled with the deodorizer, which helps to eliminate the odor and helps to increase the life of food items kept inside.

If you are still confused and want some more details on how to choose a fridge in 2022, you can watch this short video to learn each thing in particular.

So now we hope that you must be very clear on how to choose a fridge?

Well, if you enjoyed this article on how to choose a fridge then make sure to read our other articles as well.

You have to keep these points in mind before selecting one according to your needs.

I hope this article on how to choose a fridge in 2022 must have provided you with value.

Comment down your valuable views in the comment section.

Till then, keep smiling and have a nice day.


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